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Below are some of our Consumer based products that you will collect up to 100% commissions on when we launch.

Product 1

Health and Wellness Package for you and 5 family members

A completely customized nutrition and exercise package unique to each of your 5 family members.

Product 2

Our Body Boss Home workout System

This highly versatile and portable exercise system will give everyone a great resistance workout from home.

Product 3

Professional Auto responder System

Save Time and money with your sales and lead generation with our professional email marketing system.

Product 4

Massive Traffic
Co Op

Collect healthy commissions on all Traffic and Lead Co Ops we do. Everyone needs traffic, leads and sales!

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True Results

Watch the video to see what
Anthony Morrison has to say

Watch the video to see what
Tissa Godavitarne has to say

Stone Evans Photo
Stone Evans


I made $14,000 my first Month using Joel’s system. Thanks Joel!

Justin Francisco


Joel, I am an old pro in home based business and I recommend your course to anyone and everyone expert and beginner….Thanks for putting it out there!

Traci DiDomenico Photo
Traci DiDomenico


Thank-you Joel! I took your course and now I pay my mortgage with money generated online!

Ken & Kasey Hammond


Amazing information Joel, I am an expert online marketing coach already but I never heard online marketing explained any easier…wish I heard this 10 years ago!

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The Pre enrollment phase allows ample time for true leaders in the MLM space to lock in their position and build their leadership teams. Quality over quantity in this phase gets the right highly motivated and experienced people on your team early.


Perfect product

The Health and Wellness Space is a Multi Billion dollar Industry. Nowlifestyle covers everything from Exercise Challenges, weight loss, Home workout programs, and awesome nutrition and supplementation.

It's Pay Day!

A Compensation Plan Designed for Massive Wealth!

Commission Payout Part 1

100% Commissions on all Product and Memberships Sold!

Example: 50% matching check bonus! On any paid members you bring into your organization YOU collect 50% of their overall sales! For example if someone that you brought in as a paid member into your organization makes $1500. We will pay you $750.00 on top of your regular commissions

Commission Payout Part 2

Our Exclusive Binary Compensation Plan!

This compensation plan is in addition to your normal 100% comp plan described above. This exclusive addition truly makes Now LifeStyle 2 opportunities in 1. This will allow you to earn a significant income from your downline members who upgrade to become resellers in addition to your already lucrative 100% Commission program for the product!

This is How Commission payout part 2 works!
Binary Commissions.

Every 6 active Students with a 1/3 : 2/3 balance is called a cycle.

Each Cycle pays you up to $20!

4 Left : 2 Right = Up To $20.00
2 Left : 4 Right = Up To $20.00
Total Students Students Left Students Right # of Cycles Total Income
6 4 2 1 Up To $20.00
60 40 20 10 Up To $200.00
150 100 50 25 Up To $500.00
300 200 100 50 Up To $1,000.00
600 400 200 100 Up To $2,000.00
1500 1000 500 250 Up To $5,000.00
3000 2000 1000 500 Up To $10,000.00
6000 4000 2000 1000 Up To $20,000.00

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Get Instant Access to Lock in your Position and Build You Leadership Teams for $49.95 per year